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The Simple 3-Step Medicare Guide

When, Why, and How to choose a plan that’s right for you (especially if you’re already enrolled). Whether you’re looking into Medicare for the first time, or taking advantage of annual enrollment to update your strategy, we’ve broken down the critical choices you must make into a simple decision-making tool (including the easy-to-understand questions you […]

What’s The Inflation Reduction Act? And How Could It Impact Your Wallet

Are you curious about the Inflation Reduction Act, what it is, and how it impacts you personally? Here are the key highlights that are most likely to impact you directly. What’s The Inflation Reduction Act? The Inflation Reduction Act is the current form of the Build Back Better Plan. It allocates federal dollars toward health […]

Medicare IRMAA: What is It and How Could It Impact Your Retirement?

Let’s start this post off with a question: Can you pay less for Medicare? Lowering your premiums is no small feat, especially for high-income earners who are subject to Medicare IRMAA. Read on in this article to learn more about “Medicare IRMAA” and how you can take action to potentially decrease its impact on your […]