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3 Big Reasons You Should Consider Buying Supplemental Disability Insurance

You likely have disability coverage through your employer. But there could be things about your policy that are missing, or it may not really provide the protection you think it does. Here’s where supplemental coverage can kick in. What’s Disability Insurance?  At a high level, disability insurance covers your salary should you suddenly be unable […]

The Fundamentals of Disability Insurance

Disability insurance pays benefits when you are unable to earn a living because you are sick or injured. Most disability policies pay you a benefit that replaces a percentage of your earned income when you can’t work. Why would you need disability insurance? Your chances of being disabled for longer than three months are much […]

Five Questions On Long Term Care

Five questions on Long Term Care 1. WHAT IS LONG-TERM CARE? Long-term care refers to the ongoing services and support needed by people who have chronic health conditions or disabilities. There are three levels of long-term care: Skilled care: Generally round-the-clock care that’s given by professional health care providers such as nurses, therapists, or aides […]