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Retirement Planning

Creating the Plan you need to Live Retirement to the Fullest

Can I retire now?
Will I run out of money in retirement?
What’s the right retirement age for me?

Retirement is the biggest financial decision you’ll make. At Wingate, we take stock of your entire financial picture to help you make an informed decision. Our process includes:


Determining how much money you'll need

Your advisor, alongside Wingate’s planning team, will discuss your needs, wants and wishes for retirement. Maybe you’re considering a move or a vacation home. Perhaps you’re focused on supporting family and charity. Or maybe you have concerns about the affordability of health care. In addition to planning your initial steps into retirement, we believe it’s important to account for how spending may re-prioritize and preferences change throughout retirement.

Early Retirement
Middle Retirement
Late Retirement


Determining how to fund retirement goals

For many retirees, the answer is simple in theory: spend available income and supplement from portfolio assets. However, there is much more to consider when you’re faced with choices related to income streams or choosing which account to take withdrawals from.

Reviewing pension options. Lump sum vs annuity, which is better?

Running a social security analysis. Should you take it early or allow it to grow?

Is your retirement a full-stop or is there a second-act income to consider?

Creating a tax-efficient strategy of withdrawing from tax-deferred, brokerage, and tax-free accounts.

Determining how your portfolio should be invested to supplement your income.

Whether Roth conversions make sense at the start of retirement.

Considering how required minimum distributions influence your withdrawal strategy at age 72.

Being deliberate about the structure, amount, and asset selection for charitable donations. Writing a check from a cash account may be a wasted opportunity.

Accounting for how real estate, business interests, insurance, and trusts may play a role in funding retirement-related expenses or providing an inheritance.

Where will your financial journey lead?

Whether you are establishing your financial roots, stretching your wealth to new heights, or thinking about a path for the next generation, we can be your guide.

Our methodology and innovative use of financial planning and investment technology inspires engaged, authentic conversations that lead to informed decisions. By pairing the right planning and investments with ongoing monitoring and adjustments, we can help you achieve your goals.

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Thinking of Retirement in uncertain times?

We’re sharing some of our process and tips to help you make one of the most important decisions of your life.