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Financial Planning

Designing your Financial Plan

Careful planning is the key to success – even if plans must sometimes be revised to keep pace with life’s changing needs.

That’s why our planning process is not a one-way street. We invite you into a fully transparent, collaborative, and real-time dialogue to thoroughly explore your goals, ideals, and tolerance for risk.

The best part? It’s financial planning made fun, as our software enables us to walk through visual representations and see exactly how different approaches may yield different results.

We review your financial plan to ensure it reflects any changes in your life, your goals, and of course, economic conditions.

Our PLanning Process

At your first meeting, talk with your advisor and financial planner about your life philosophy, situation and goals.

Knowing where you hope to go, we’ll identify which wealth management services are right for you.

Complete our “Scope of Engagement” to choose the services you would like us to undertake.

You’ll share with your team the history and documents that form the foundation of your plan, knowing that your input will shape the outcome.

Over several meetings, we’ll explore what it will take to achieve your goals in an engaging, real-time process. Your meetings will include a thorough review and discussion of your:

Current Position: Current and future income and tax planning including spending strategies and income tax optimization.

Goals Plan: With an emphasis on real-time “what-if” planning where we develop and refine scenarios with you. You dream, and together we plan.

Investment Plan: Once your goals are defined, we custom-build a portfolio for you.

Risk Management and Estate Planning: We prepare you for life’s twists by talking through insurance and estate planning approaches that protect assets and your legacy.

Learn more about our Investment Management Process.

Together, we’ll implement your plan. You connect us with your tax preparer, attorney, and other financial professionals, and we’ll help coordinate the necessary tasks to enable you to meet your needs and goals.

Our planning process never stops. We will monitor your progress, make necessary adjustments and provide updates. Together we’ll refine your plan in a real-time, engaging process to meet your goals and optimize your income and taxes.

Where will your financial journey lead?

Whether you are establishing your financial roots, stretching your wealth to new heights, or thinking about a path for the next generation, we can be your guide.

Our methodology and innovative use of financial planning and investment technology inspires engaged, authentic conversations that lead to informed decisions. By pairing the right planning and investments with ongoing monitoring and adjustments, we can help you achieve your goals.

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