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Clients in Transition

Life transitions – expected and otherwise – can present real challenges. Along with uncertainty, they often bring financial opportunity.

some of the questions we help our clients answer are:


Generational Wealth Planning

Inheritance or Sudden Wealth

Career Change

Loss of a Spouse

Contemplating/ Facing Divorce

Divorce Planning Services are offered by the team at Wingate Wealth Advisors and also by our associated Advisor Carol Khouri.  Please find a link to her website here.

Finding a New Life Partner and Blending Finances

Where will your financial journey lead?

Whether you are establishing your financial roots, stretching your wealth to new heights, or thinking about a path for the next generation, we can be your guide.

Our methodology and innovative use of financial planning and investment technology inspires engaged, authentic conversations that lead to informed decisions. By pairing the right planning and investments with ongoing monitoring and adjustments, we can help you achieve your goals.

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