Strategic Review Process

Another unique feature of Wingate Wealth Advisors is our Strategic Investment Review.

Twice each year, our Investment Committee undertakes an in-depth review of the global economic and political trends, policies, risks and opportunities. The outcome is then the basis of ourĀ current thinking, expectations and decisions regarding client portfolios.

Our strategic investment review process encompasses the following four elements:

Economic Outlook: Our review process begins with a focus on the economic outlook, both in the US and abroad. We seek to identify the primary economic trends that will impact the near and intermediate term economic environment, in both the domestic and global economies. We review the analysis and forecasts of leading economists and economic observers, and look for where there seems to be consensus, and where there is a wider divergence of opinion. Based on this information, we develop a number of scenarios, from best-case to worst-case, and assess what seems to be the most likely outcome, while giving due consideration to less likely outcomes.

Investment Outlook: Next, we look at the investment outlook, with the objective of identifying both risks and opportunities in US and global financial markets. We review the analysis and forecasts of some of the most thoughtful and insightful investment managers and market strategists. While it is impossible to accurately predict investment returns, we find it helpful to consider a number of possible outcomes, and estimate their likelihood of occurring. We then assess the relative attractiveness of the various asset classes such as large US stocks, emerging markets, high yield bonds, etc.

Asset Allocations: Our next step is to review our model portfolio asset allocations, and determine whether to add, eliminate, or adjust asset class allocations in the model portfolios. Our model portfolios cover the entire range of investment objectives from aggressive growth to conservative income, with asset allocation selections and weightings varying as the investment objectives change.

Fund Selections: Finally, we review our fund selections, choosing active management strategies for areas where market conditions seem to provide opportunities for active managers to create value, and passive management strategies where there appears to be less opportunity. Our criteria for active managers include a focus on the track record, management team, investment philosophy, and the appropriateness of their particular investment discipline for current market conditions.


Investment Process

1. Strategic Review

We examine global economic and political trends, policies, risks and opportunities.

2. Market Analysis

We review US and foreign stock and bond markets to further define risks and opportunities.

3. Asset Allocation

We create target allocations for our client's portfolios which range from conservative to aggressive.

4. Asset Class Selection

We determine specific asset classes (i.e. US large cap, foreign, emerging markets, etc.) to be used within the larger asset allocations.

5. Investment Analysis

Using our collective expertise, we examine the universe of available investment options within each asset class.

6. Investment Selection

We select investments within each asset class. As an independent advisor, our selection process is entirely objective.

7. Monitor & Rebalance

We regularly monitor the performance of our portfolios and use state-of-the-art software to identify rebalancing opportunities.

8. Communicate

Our clients receive trade confirmations, quarterly reports, investment letters, and periodic review meetings.